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no phone zone You can purchase a single Bag or a Family Pack of 3 Bags.

high quality canvas drawstring bag. Sliding fastener so can be hung easily to any door-handle or door-knob (such as on bedroom or dining room doors). side zipper for ease of access for your smartphone. dimensions 200mm x 250mm. side zipper 100mm (uk patent pending).

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no phone zone bag

instructions for a proper sleep:

  1. hang your no phone zone bag on your bedroom door.
  2. when you go to bed, switch your phone off and place it in the bag.
  3. voila!!! you have created a no phone zone in your home. zzzzzzzzzzz…

instructions for dinner:

  1. hang your no phone zone bag on the dining room door.
  2. everyone in the family who is eating puts their phones in the bag and…
  3. talk!

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Single Bag, Family Pack of Three


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