Is there a link between sleep disturbance and mental health?

We know that sleep is disturbed in mental health disorders and depression, as depression often leads to insomnia. But can sleep disturbance be the cause of these issues?

Insomnia has long been linked to depression. With the assumption that you become depressed first, and your sleep is negatively effected as a consequence.

Yet, there is also evidence that sleep disturbance can be the cause of mental health disorders in young adults. This article in the independent discusses these links and revealed that adults with insomnia were more likely than others to have suffered from anxiety and depression earlier in their lives.

Can you relate? Think of how you feel after a bad nights sleep – emotional? irritable?
Research has also revealed that our ability to regulate our emotions is decreased after a bad nights sleep.

So what price do you put on yours and your child’s mental health?

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